What Is The Most Profitable Chatbot?

1. When saying profitable chatbots, does this mean businesses that made big profits? 

Let’s discuss how businesses are utilizing chatbots for their benefits. 

Businesses are using chatbots to improve their customer services by:

1. Decreasing customer service costs for your business.

2. Providing prompt answers to customers/ prospects 24/7.

3. Escalating issues to your live chat agent as needed, such as orders or shipping updates.

4. Keeping in touch and staying on top by sending follow-up messages to your beloved customers.

5. Resuming conversations using Facebook Messenger any time using any device.

6. Keeping in touch and staying on top by sending follow-up messages to your beloved customers.

7. Customers could get more personalized, engaging, and interactive message conversations.

2. Problem: “Who is using chatbots?”

If you are here reading this article, I assume that you’ve heard about BotStar at least once. 

6000+ BotStar beloved customers 

We are proud to see 6,000+ happy customers using our platform now. They are working on various industries, like insurance, manufacturing, education, you name it. One of our valued customers (who is working in the hospitality industry) got 95% positive after deploying the bot. 

Brands gains sales by using chatbots

These are the 10 most popular chatbots of the world achieving growth marketing strategy gains in sales.

1.    Fandango

2.    Sephora

3.    Wall Street Journal 

4.    National Geographic 

5.    James Patterson “The Chef” Short Story 

6.    AccuWeather 

7.    TGIFridays

8.    Western Union

9.    Summit Academy OIC 

10. Stanford’s QuizBot 

They have claimed that thanks to chatbots, their customer support teams have been set on “free”. Instead of spending the majority of their working time on answering customers, now, they could focus on other important tasks. Cos the bots have handled a large amount of customers’ concerns. 

If there is something which the bot cannot understand, it will notify the live agent via emails. You just need to add the Human Takeover block into your flow. 

A must-coming result is that there is an improvement in customer satisfaction rate. Unlike humans, chatbots don’t need rest time. It is always available 24/7.

The happier customers are, the higher sales rate is.

And you would be happy too. Why not?

3. Problem: “Chatbots are too expensive to me!”

How much does a chatbot cost?

To be honest, how much does a chatbot cost? This is such a common question we get here at BotStar. When people are determined about something, price plays a very important role. 

Well, we would like to inform you that the estimated price range for a high-quality chatbot is $10,000 – $150,000 and more. 

But at BotStar, it only costs you $0 monthly. Once you register to BotStar, you will be considered as a Basic pricing plan account. You can not only build bots but also publish them on your websites or Facebook pages. 

For your information, with only $15 dollars, you will be our premium accounts (or Pro pricing plan). If you are interested, just click here for further wonderful information. 

4. Problem: “Chatbots are too complicated for a non-tech like me!”

Well, this is such a real concern for many of you. 

But you are at the right place now! 

Free chatbot templates

You are able to access the 78+ free chatbot templates where we have built completed samples for you with no cost. 

BotStar is a start-up with a big dream to bring free chatbot templates to everyone. Also, you can clone one and publish the bot to your websites and Facebook page. At the Basic pricing plan, it costs you $0 monthly.

Based on the industry you are working in and your requirements, you could evaluate several chatbot templates before choosing one for your business. 

Code-free chatbots

Unlike other chatbot platforms, BotStar was born to support the public. You don’t need to have a technical background. 

Spending some time on the Mini-course with detailed steps and videos, you’ll get the general idea of how to build a functional bot. A bot which could supply information to customers/ prospects, collect chat users’ data, and complete the payment process is not as difficult as you thought!

Don’t forget to view some chatbot layouts from the free chatbot templates site, then, you could design one for your use case. No worries! You also can contact BotStar support team at support@botstar.comWe are thrilled to be with you alongside the building bot journey. 

5. BotStar – the most profitable chatbot

In the eCommerce industry, customer experience is such an important aspect that helps your business success. You know, you don’t have chances to interact with customers face-to-face. You have to ensure that you could build a positive, engaged and profitable customer relationship with them. 

Using BotStar free chatbot templates to improve your customers’ shopping experience is a cost-efficient and convenient solution. Chatbots will help you sell more and earn more.

By Jess P

Jess.P is a Content Creator at BotStar who is excited by creating read and watch content as much as she enjoys consuming it. In her spare-time, she can be found with a camera and notebook ready to document her surroundings.

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