7 Reasons Your Ecommerce Business Needs a Chatbot

1. A successful story. 

One day, Joe went to an online shopping site to buy a gift for his BFF’s 15th birthday. Shortly after that, he was able to find a very interesting coffee mug and decided to order. He filled in all the required fields of the order form but was unable to finish it. The confirm button greyed out and unclickable. 

Joe decided to visit their Help and Support page for assistance.

Live chat support was available. It was 10:30 pm.

Someone named Rose was active and already waiting for him. Joe quickly recognized that it was a chabot. 

This Website bot initiated the conversation with him. It suggested a few questions frequently asked by the users. Joe helped himself find the answer for his problem by clicking the button “How to place an order?”.  The bot answered. Yeah, it turned out that he forgot to select the payment method. 

His problem was solved quickly, without waiting for a human agent to step in and take over his case the following day. Joe was happy. The shop owner was happy as he had profits poured into his pocket even though he was sleeping.  

But this isn’t just a made-up story. It’s our own experience talking with thousands of ecommerce businesses about what problems they usually deal with. 

Lesson learned. 

  • Customers are on your website looking for products & services after you leave the office & turn the lights out.
  • Customers crave for a personal, real-time buying experience. If they got the help they needed when you needed it, there is a high chance to close sales.
  • A very satisfied customer is highly likely to return to the brand in the future.
  • But s&m eCommerces cannot afford a real, live person to be on the chat window or call 24/7.

This is when eCommerce chatbot should step in.

We have a bunch of successful stories of eCommerces that have businesses taken off since using BotStar chatbot & live chat here.

2. Uhm.. eCommerce Chatbots…What is it?

At the most basic level, an eCommerce chatbot can be defined as: ‘A computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users over the Internet.’

eCommerce chatbots work by running the text you write (in some cases, voice!) through an algorithm to figure out what you want before responding with an answer based on your keywords.

A chatbot for e-commerce can do pretty much everything – taking orders, processing payments, getting help with delivery, and many more. They give you the power to engage with new, existing, and potential customers with real-time, text-style messaging, without the involvement of a live person.

Today you can bump into a chatbot while using most existing messaging sites, like Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Slack, Line, Youtube, social commerce or eCommerce platforms.

There are two main levels of intelligence when it comes to chatbots:

3. Smart Chatbots in eCommerce

These are the chatbots that use artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to communicate. Users can type or speak freely in the chat, and the bot responds accordingly. 

They understand free-form questions and commands at a certain degree and over time, the more you train the AI chatbot, the more ‘intelligent’ it becomes.

Example: BotStar Official Chatbot

This may not be the smartest chatbot in the market, but it perfectly illustrates that chatbot can actually communicate with humans in human language!

This ‘Star Bot’ can play games, tell jokes, answer your questions about products BotStar offer. It can also answer how the weather is like in your city no matter where you’re living right now and even offer general chit-chat. Of course this level is good… for a robot.

Scripted Chatbots

These are chatbots in eCommerce that follow a predefined path. It performs exactly as it is being trained. They usually only respond to specific commands or require users to answer multiple-choice questions in order to move on to the next stage of the conversation. 

This chatbot is best used to automate first-level support, response for FAQs like “how to order?” “What’s the refund policy?”in eCommerce.

However, they’re limited in their scope of what is being trained, and can only answer with specific responses to pre-defined questions. But it doesn’t sound bad at all. Sometimes it is what our customers need, as long as they can find the answer they need on time.

Example: Fashion Store Chatbot

Just like the Monoco Fashion shop chatbot below, it assists people with finding the perfect clothes based on their sizes, favorite colours, orders, track orders, etc.  

The extra level of assistance this bot provides will result in more sales because the suggestions are more personalized and individual.

Try chatting with it and share with us how your experience is. Chat with Monoco bot here

4. But Why do eCommerce Businesses Need Chatbots?

Chatbots leverage eCommerce activities more than any other technology. It can help you:

  • Identify and nurture qualified leads
  • Provide customer service and support
  • Interact with past customers, including providing shipping and return information
  • Gather feedback on the customer experience
  • Recommend related products to increase sales

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are more and more benefits they offer. 

Time Saving

It’s undeniable fact that that today eCommerces to be have to be far closer to customers in this competitive market to make sure customers receive the service they crave.

  • 33% of Millennials are only willing to wait 1 to 3 minutes to get a response
  • 56% of Millennials have switched from one company to another because of underwhelming customer Service.
  • 32% expect a response within 30 minutes. Nearly half expect a response in an hour.
  • Facebook recommends 15-minute response times from brands in its Messenger app.

Resource: IBM

With chatbots, there’s no hanging around. They can give users answers to their questions or complete requests in absolutely no time. This means that more people are being helped quicker and more efficiently.

Money saving 

Can you comfortably afford a real, live person to be on the chat window or call 24/7? It’s probably a NO. 

While chatbots do require some initial investment, they’ll help save businesses a lot of money in the long-term run. As chatbots automate conversations at scale, it cuts down on staffing costs – robots never get tired or need a vacation. Plus they can handle thousands of queries at once.

Using chatbots, eCommerce can automate the support, lead generation and even the entire sales process. They will then have time to focus more on marketing activities to keep their business thriving.

Accessible Anytime

You work 8 hours a day in day time, so do your customers. After-work and weekend could be the best time for customers to browse and shop online. But, are your staff willing to work overtime without being offered additional bonuses? 

They of course also need their time & day off. They need to do things like eat, sleep and walk their dogs. 

With chatbots, you can provide support service, acquire, qualify and convert leads at scale, 24/7. E-commerce can let people browse and buy products without ever waiting. Setting up a chatbot for your eCommerce Facebook shop, or website can never be a bad choice. 

Reduces Errors

Did you know that chatbots are incredibly efficient, reducing errors by up to 100%? Chatbots don’t have the tendency to forget and therefore, make no errors. They possess smart algorithms along with programming and this leads to less number of mistakes.

Chatbots gain instant access to customer preferences, past queries, and other relevant data. They use machine learning to analyze and act so this cuts out the worry of things going wrong and keeps customer relationships smooth.

Even though we should expect a few issues when setting up chatbots and chat automation solutions, their role in today eCommerce is becoming increasingly indispensable. 

No ‘Bad Days’

Working as a full-time customer service is no easy feat. 

It’s hard to keep yourself on the “Happy ladder” all day. Sometimes people get out of the bed on the wrong side. That’s how life is. But not in the chatbots case. With them, you’re guaranteed 365 days of politeness.

Customers will always feel welcomed. 

Build Relationships

Research from Facebook shows that 56% prefer buying from service they can message.

Knowing people prefer conversations, there are tons of new opportunities for eCommerce. You may consider applying chatbot for messenger marketing, auto-responses and collecting information about customers. 

E-commerce chatbot can show that you do care about them by reading customers insights data during their interactions with bot. They help businesses to quickly make faster, personalized, data-driven decisions when it comes to server customers. It lets people easily shop and buy from your shop. 

Doing this can unlock many opportunities that help you reach the people who are likely to love what you have to offer.

Effective & Affordable Solution for E-commerce. 

Many eCommerces are using chatbot effectively to Increase online sales, drive traffics on their website or directly from Facebook platforms.

Long gone the days when AI chatbots were only an available option for big sized companies. Today you can have this AI power at your fingertips by paying only a few dollars monthly. 

You can easily find a list of tech companies that provide chatbot service. There are big brands such as Microsoft, Oracles, but you can also find other solutions that better suit your ecommerce needs. 

Take BotStar as an example.

BotStar offers a free and seamless livechat to chatbot solution for both websites & Facebook, dedicated to ecommerce businesses.

Pricing starts from $15, you only pay for what truly generates profits for your eCommerce stores.  The pricing structure is also perfect for eCommerces who are looking for an affordable but powerful chatbot solution. 

Key takeaways

  • Chatbot, Live chat or other chat support tools are becoming popular and affordable to SMBs, eCommerce shops. 
  • Chatbots have proved themselves as an effective solution, inseparable entities of an eCommerce business.
  • So many chatbot platforms offer a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product with instructions and high level support, which make it easy for you to build one.  
  • You don’t need to be a tech wizard or a developer to be able to build a chatbot for your eCommerce stores. 
  • Building a chatbot for eCommerce can take your sales to the next level.

5. How to build your eCommerce chatbot? 

Before you get started, ask yourself this question: “What Is the Goal of Your Ecommerce Chatbot?” Getting a clear sight on your goals will help you avoid distractions and stay focused on your target results.

To get more tips and tricks on how to create a perfect e-commerce chatbot, read our article here.

6. Mo’ customers, mo’ problems.

But it’s “a good problem to have”.

Note that everyone loves good customer service, where they’re truly cared for and paid attention to. So use a super-smart messaging tool to get you ahead of the game while still giving everyone the experience they deserve.

Ps. Learn more about BotStar – streamline customers interactions via Live Chat & Chatbot and start building bot for your ecommerce here.

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